Murree, Punjab Pakistan

Located between the borders of Azad Kashmir and Punjab, Murree hill station is the most visited tourist destination of Pakistan. Murree is on the Pir Panjal Range, where once summer resorts of British troops resided. From nature to the best of resorts, Murree is perfect for visiting in all seasons. Your journey from Islamabad to Murree will be the most memorable trips of your life as American journalist Camile wrote, "Everything and anything can happen in Murree. Romance is in the atmosphere; intrigue is in the air. The roads to this happy holiday's resort embrace both the heaven and earth. In Murree, it is easy to fall in love".

Serene environment, natural trees, and exotic sights are not the only factors that make Murree worth visiting. Government has invested a lot in tourist amusement by developing non-natural resorts and parks. Murree is a perfect combination of natural beauty and entertainment, which makes people visit it over and over again.

Known as the most entertaining and most visited holiday spot in Pakistan, Murree is famous throughout Asia. People from around the world travel to Murree, making it an important part of tourism industry of Pakistan. Murree is a gateway to Northern regions of Pakistan. Located in Margala Hills, Murree is renowned as “Queen of Hills.”

Murree Weather Best Time to Visit Murree

All the Murree weathers are the best time to visit. However, it depends upon what you expect of Murree. If you like winters and really want to enjoy snowfall, then December, January, and February are the best times to visit.  If you love enjoying rainy Murree weather, you can travel around in October and November. Traveling to Murree in Summers around April to August is not recommended as it is highly humid and windy. But it’s a low time for tourist and comes into the budget of most of the people.

History of Murree

Murree is one of the famous hill stations of Pakistan, but it was first discovered as a hill station by Major James Abbott (Indian Army officer) in 1847. The early establishment was performed by the then rulers of sub-continents, but after independence in 1947, it came under the government of Pakistan. Since 1947 a lot of work has been done for the sustenance of Murree but being a hill station various actions are taken all throughout the year.

Best Foods in Murree

There are no specific delicacies of Murree, but Murree has some of the best restaurants offering the best of cuisines from across Pakistan.  The best restaurants to visit in Murree include, Thaali- A traditional cuisine, Usmania Restaurant, Highland Country Club, Monal (Islamabad), Blue Rock hotel, Rock Bistro family restraint, and many others.

TOP Attractions of Murree

There are many attractions in Murree to visit but the best of attractions that you cannot miss to visit include, Patriata chair life, Ayubia, Nathiagali, Chattar park, Kashmir point, Neelam river, Pindi point, Mall road, Bhurban, and Dir Munjai.

1.  Patriata Chair Lift

While traveling to Murree, you cannot miss having a thrilling experience at Patriata chair lift. This adventurous chair hoist and cable car system take you to a 7 km ride from incipient Murree to Patriata. Although the ticket price for chair lift is hardly PKR 200 getting a ticket in the high tour time is a struggle you will never forget. Patriata is also known as New Murree, giving you a beautiful aerial view of Murree all around you.

2.  Ayubia

With around 100,000 tourists traveling to Ayubia every year, Ayubia has become a famous tourist spot in Murree. This heavenly place is located 20 km from Murree, which is totally worth given the time and distance to travel there. Ayubia National Park is the main tourist spot where people love to spend time with family and friends. Ayubia National Park is surrounded by the four best tourist regions including Ayubia, Thandiani, Nathiagali, and Khanspur. Filled with trees, meadows and engulfing wildlife, Ayubia National Park gives you the real experience for nature proximity.

3.  Nathiagali Murree

Known for its striking beauty and cold weather, Nathiagali is indeed a heaven on earth. It takes a good 10 minutes to absorb the beauty this amazing place has to offer. Located approximately an hour away from Murree, Nathiagali gives you a whole new experience. From scenic mountainous areas and hiking tracks, Nathiagali is not less than Switzerland. The entire experience from reaching to spending time in Nathiagali is indefinable. Nathiagali not only offers natural beauty or hiking tracks to enjoy but also has some resorts which are perfect for family picnics.

4.  Chattar Park Murree

If you are not much of a nature lover and prefer a place where you can have fun with the family in resorts than Chattar Park is a place for you. Snuggled in the foot of Murree, Chattar Park is perfect for people who are searching for an escape from their busy city life. It has something to offer to every type of traveler. For nature lovers it has featured flowing stream, walking tracks and waterfalls, for food lovers it has various restaurants and for people searching for fun activities for children, it has a designated play area as well. People traveling Murree in summers, prefer Chattar Park. However, it needs government attention to raise its level for international travelers.

5.  Kashmir Point Murree

Located just 10 mins drive away from Murree, Kashmir point is a perfect combination of lush green meadows, valleys, forests, meadows, and picture-perfect villages. It gives you a complete view of Murree by its greenery in summers and snowcapped mountains in winters. Kashmir point is a must place to visit not for its nature but also for the horse riding and walking track experience it offers.

6.  Neelam River Murree

One of the most favorite and most visited tourist spots in Murree is River Neelam. It’s not the place that enthralls the River Neelam travelers but the experience that people have while they dive into the valley or just stand along with the Kashmir waterfall.  Surrounded by lush green meadows, mountains, and flowing river, River Neelam will want you to leave your soul there. While relishing the journey to river Neelam, you will see an enthralling view of mountains, which will just want you to stop your car and enjoy the view before you reach Neelam River.

7.  Pindi Point

Surrounded by the views of mountains and green meadows, Pindi point is the perfect place to visit the view of twin cities, i.e., Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Situated from a 15 minutes’ walk from Mall road, Pindi point is mostly visited by the people living in the twin cities. It’s not a place that just offers nature or a picnic point, it has a beautiful resort and a chair lift as well that makes it a must place for visiting while your travel to northern areas.

8.  Mall Road Murree

Before you reach into nature, mountains, meadows and valleys and the authentic food of Murree, Mall road offers you a place to shop and eat. This place is perfect if you love interacting with locals and want to try local food and buy local products.

9.  Bhurban  Murree

If you are looking for a place where you can just relax and had a good time, Bhurban is the best place for you to visit. It has the biggest Pearl Continental Hotel of Pakistan with a per-day stay rate of PKR 10, 000. Lying at an altitude of 6000 feet, Bhurban is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Murree on one of the roads leading to Azad Kashmir. With a huge golf course and helicopter pad, Bhurban is a must place to visit.

10. Dir Munjai Pakistan

For peace and tranquility seekers, Dir Munjai Pakistan is perfect. It is not less than a paradise. Located 15 km southeast of Murree, Dir Munjai is surrounded by greenery which makes it an ideal escape from the busy city life.